Take a journey into the mystical world of the Druids...

Find music, myth, story and insight in the
Awen Calling Podcast

Two seasoned spiritual explorers are discovering the creative energy which Bards and Druids call Awenjoin us!

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Michael Sebastien and Elizabeth Jardine take a practical, real-world approach to spirituality, drawn from five decades of experience.
Their aim is to bring you a step closer to a genuine spiritual encounter, through a blend of stories, conversations, meditations and original music.

Michael is a writer, podcaster, musician, lyricist and esoteric explorer, a presenter with a quirky English style and a gift for making spiritual concepts easy to grasp.

Elizabeth is a singer, vocal musician and songwriter who distils two decades of Himalayan Meditation practice into her ‘soul songs’. Based in Wales, she has an affinity for the natural world and a love of natural lore.

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